A daily journal

Years ago I noticed as I got older life seemed to be speeding up. The years were passing more quickly and the days were blending together and some were vanishing from memory altogether. And so in an effort to no longer let an entire week fly by with no recollection of it I began keeping a daily journal.

My journal has become one of my most prized possessions. It's a digital file that I carefully maintain and backup and would be devastated to lose. Almost every day before going to bed I try to jot down at least a couple things in it. My life is full of uneventful days so some entries just note that I went to work and brought home milk. Better entries could be a detailed account of a lovely day spent with my partner. Looking over some days from years past I find relatively insignificant moments that by simply reading them I can recall instantly and vividly, like hiding under a playground slide from a surprise sunshower, or walking alone near a pond on a frozen blue winter morning and sensing a profound and strange solitude, or watching loved ones playing with white flower petals on a cool breezy evening.

These entries, these moments of unimportance, I recall with the most satisfaction and for me they seem to add the most color and richness to my life. I'm very grateful I wrote them down.