No podcasts

I recently reduced the amount of podcasts I listen to from a dozen or so to one. I’m keeping a daily news podcast because I like to keep my happiness in check.

I spend a good amount of my time—commute time, exercise time, chore time—listening to podcasts. I’ve found myself somewhat reliant on them to fill my idleness. When my mind is free to wander I fill it with other people’s thoughts instead. Which is fine. I enjoy learning. But at the end of the day it’s still entertainment and I’d like to fight the need to be constantly entertained.

So this will be an experiment. What will my idle mind do when I don’t have someone else talking into my ear?

I can already report the result has been positive so far. It’s been a couple weeks and I can’t say I miss podcasts all that much. There’s been no urge to bring back the feed. Instead I do a lot more thinking, about life, the things around me, projects I’d like to do. Sometimes while doing the dishes I just think about the dishes. Sometimes I think about nothing at all. And that’s been oddly refreshing.