No social media

I’m not on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be on all of them at some point or another. Twitter, Facebook, all the big hitters, a few little ones here and there. I’d use them for awhile and try to enjoy them. But more often than not while I was on one, doing my best to feel that this is a normal part of life, I'd be thinking, "right, but this is just a bit miserable isnt' it?"

Eventually I decided that if a platform didn’t truly bring value to my life I’d delete the account. Turns out none of them passed muster and one by one they were nixed. Quitting them felt better than using them ever did. Sometimes I get emails reminding me of an account on some service I completely forgot about and then I get to happily go and delete that one too.

It’s been a couple years without them now. And to be perfectly pretentious now that I’m no longer on them I don’t see how anyone can stand to be on them. They seem to make people quite fussy.

For now I have an email if anyone wants to chat and this site for posting my dumb thoughts. This account is pseudonymous and isolated to this one place on the internet. The real me has virtually no presence online and that’s just the way I want it.